HCL To Retail ClassMate PC for Navodaya

Developed by Intel as an educational tool to help students with their classroom learning, each Classmate PC features a 7-inch LCD screen, 215 to 512MB RAM with 1GB to 2GB flash memory, Intel Processor 900Mhz, and WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

Weighing-in at about 1.4kg, each Classmate PC comes with a personal learning assistant that resembles a textbook in keeping with the age of the learners. Each PC provides 3 to 4 hours of usage time, according to Intel.

The Classmate PCs are priced in the sub-Rs 18,000 range, and will be available to schools starting August, said Rajendra Kumar, executive vice president of HCL Infosystems.

Intel had conducted the first pilot of it's 'Classmate PC Program' in December 2006. At present, the company reportedly has two pilots running; one at Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, and the other at Padma Sheshadri Bal Bhavan.

Meanwhile, the design, prototype, and proof-of-concept of the Classmate PCs has been developed by Intel in collaboration with educational service provider, Educomp.

There are plans for Intel OEM partners, Wipro and Zenith to start offering the PCs shortly.

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