Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Awards 2007

Teachers, Vice-Principals, Principals and students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya across the country were honored for excellence in academics on 18 Th Dec.

Arjun Singh said that jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya will help make India leader in the world. He said he was proud about the institution. With this he announced the Navodaya National Integration Meet 2007. This year's theme is "A Culture of Peace".


JNV on a Mahabharat Cave

An ancient mound-cum-hillock with links to the Mahabharata lore and the Buddhist past of the region lies neglected in East Godavari's Rajmundari place. it should be noted that the police, revenue departments and the Jawahar Navodaya School have taken away significant chunks of the hillock for various purposes.


Sonia Visited JNV Rae Bareli

Congress president Sonia Gandhi visited Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya - Rae Bareli and attended a meeting.

She later went to a school in Halowar village, and interacted with the students there.

In last three days, she visited Babuganj, Kuchariya, Munshiganj, Garhikhas, Phulwasa and Bawan Bujurg areas of Rae Bareli

HCL To Retail ClassMate PC for Navodaya

Developed by Intel as an educational tool to help students with their classroom learning, each Classmate PC features a 7-inch LCD screen, 215 to 512MB RAM with 1GB to 2GB flash memory, Intel Processor 900Mhz, and WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

Weighing-in at about 1.4kg, each Classmate PC comes with a personal learning assistant that resembles a textbook in keeping with the age of the learners. Each PC provides 3 to 4 hours of usage time, according to Intel.

The Classmate PCs are priced in the sub-Rs 18,000 range, and will be available to schools starting August, said Rajendra Kumar, executive vice president of HCL Infosystems.

Intel had conducted the first pilot of it's 'Classmate PC Program' in December 2006. At present, the company reportedly has two pilots running; one at Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, and the other at Padma Sheshadri Bal Bhavan.

Meanwhile, the design, prototype, and proof-of-concept of the Classmate PCs has been developed by Intel in collaboration with educational service provider, Educomp.

There are plans for Intel OEM partners, Wipro and Zenith to start offering the PCs shortly.

JNV Results - Navodaya Second in CBSE 12th result

KV Topped the chart this time,
"Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas" (JNVs) have secured second position with a 90.11 pass percentage.
Central Tibetan Schools are third in the row with 86.24 percent and independent private schools are in the fourth position with an 82.29 pass percentage,


Navodaya - intels Classmate PC debuts

Intel is reportedly now planning to bring 'classmate PCs' to India.

In the middle of 2006 Intel brought the first 60 classmate PCs to India for a pilot test.
The company will start the second round of pilots most likely at Navodaya Vidyalaya in Delhi. it is a  small laptop based on Intel's 900MHz Celeron-M processor, the classmate PC features a flash disk memory instead of a hard disk. As the name suggests, it is designed particularly for school going children, laptop is currently estimated to cost around $175.


Navodaya boy missing in bihar

Another boy in Bihar has gone missing and the members of his family say that he has been abducted as his uncle was also abducted in the past.

13-year-old Navin had gone to see his result at Navodaya Vidyalaya on June 5 at around 11 a.m.
When he did not come back, his family members began his search. However, they lodged a complaint with the police the next day after they failed to locate him.

They have a fear that Navin has been kidnapped as his uncle was also abducted sometime ago.

Meanwhile, police says that the boy has fled because he could not pass his exams.


JNV at its best - Class X CBSE results

The Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas have done exceptionally well with their candidates achieving an overall pass percentage of 96.41 compared with 91.13 per cent in 2006.

Kendriya Vidyalayas are in the second spot with a high 95.64 pass percentage, registering an increase of 5.01 percentage points compared to 2006. Candidates from foreign countries and the Gulf region have achieved a pass percentage of 96.70 and 96.68, respectively.


Classmate to launch soon

Intel will soon introduce 'Classmate', a PC for children priced between Rs 9,000-11,000, in India under its World Ahead programme, aimed at adding a billion new global computer users.

Two pilot projects with Classmate have been undertaken at DPS-Delhi and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS), Faridabad near Delhi.

"Classmate PCs are being piloted in 25 countries this year, including India, and are designed to be entry points in education, These PCs will not have a disk drive and use flash drive, but have all necessary software and hardware to enable learning and Internet browsing" explained Intel Corporation chief strategist, Chris S Thomas, said.

Classmate's manufacturing cost is US$ 300-400 and Intel looks to manufacture it locally in the range of US$ 200-300.

On affordability, Intel Corporation will work with the government to possibly provide tax sops to manufacturers to further push down the cost.


Attended exam in handcuffs

A 17-year-old Class XII examinee was brought to the examination hall at Dehrion-Sone in handcuffs. which is a clear violation of the Supreme Court directive not to handcuff minor offenders,

Arvind Kumar, a student of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (Aurangabad), was arrested on January 31 in connection with the murder of his classmate and subsequently sent to jail.

He was granted permission to appear for the Class XII examination at Dehri-on-Sone under proper security, In compliance with the court directive, Arvind was brought to the examination centre, but in handcuffs.

Even his pleadings with the police to take off the handcuffs at least during the examination were not heeded.


disturbed Navodaya students

Strikes, rioting , suicides and disappearing from school have badly shaken the foundation of the Navodaya Vidyalaya.

Overcrowded Hostels , inadequate number of toilets (not cleaned regularly) and what more, students speak freely of poor food and facilities.

There are 20 to 25 students squeezed in room where only 10 can live.  In food, Worms and pebbles in the rice, poor quality wheat in making chapatis and potatoes is the choosen one through the year. There are two bathrooms and four toilets for 90 students in each hostel.

One of the main objectives of the experiment was to bring in talented youngsters from different parts of the country and allow them to grow up together.

like my childhood, students from the Northeast, were put together with students from Jharkhand and Bihar, found it difficult to adjust and got into trouble more than once.

liewise , students from Jammu and Kashmir, who were put up at Mesra, found it difficult to adjust.

The nine students from J&K left for home last April for the summer vacation but never returned. Is the experiment, therefore, being buried?


Village empowerment by JNV

Moulding students towards village empowerment

'Santhasa'- a concept for betterment of rural life from the students, teachers and principal of the JNV is initiated,

150 students team from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya at Aloka in Yelwal are on an endeavour to spread happiness in villages.

Majority of students in JNV are from rural background. The students are conducting a survey on the status of the villagers and also took illiteracy, AIDS and anti-liquor awareness programmes.

Students says that they informed the villagers about the government schemes available for village hygiene and explained them procedures to get the benefits, many do not have their ration cards. Literacy and sanitation are very important for villages to stride.

Principal of the Vidyalaya said that their team would bring the shortcomings in the village to the Deputy Commissioner.
If the administration along with individual departments extends support, our students would co-ordinate with them to carry out development works in backward villages.


Tinsukia - Seven boys missing

Seven boys from Haryana, who came to Assam to study at the Navodaya Vidyalaya are missing since Sunday.

The Class IX students from Karnal, who were studying in the Novadaya Vidyalaya in Upper Assam's Tinsukia district on an exchange programme, fled from the school at about 1.00 pm on Sunday.

All boys are aged between 13 and 15 years, ran away when the school authorities and teachers were engaged in conducting an entrance test for fresh batches of students.

They were identified as Sonu Singmar, Birvam Pal, Rajesh Kumar, Ratinder Singh, Karana Singh, Amandip Tast and Amit Pal.

FIR was lodged on Sunday at Doomdooma Police Station, and boys' parents were informed and searches were on in places where they could be staying.

School Principal said the boys had come on an exchange programme according to the norms of the Navodaya Vidyalaya system, whereby students go from one school to another in Class IX for a year.

Gandey Students on hunger strike

Students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya at Gandey were on 24-hour-long hunger strike.
The Union government provides enough funds to provide good food and education to the students of the school.
still all the 427 pupils, including 129 girls, think that food and poor dress are of poor quality, not to end here, some teachers allegedly abused them when they raised their voice, adding more heat, a few teachers described a student "mentally challenged" when he tried to spill the beans in front of former chief minister Babulal Marandi.

"Yesterday, I had tried to appraise Marandi of irregularities when he was here, but my teachers trashed my claims saying I have mental disorder. But I am the class topper," sobbed Ram Naresh Kumar of Class X.

Ansari held four hours of parleys with the students, their parents, teachers and the principal of the school, Dinesh Kumar.
Ansari ordered the principal to suspend the storekeeper, Jai Kumar, for consuming liquor during office hours and seized dud clothes supplied to the centre.


Match Making from Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

There are alarming no. of TGT and PGT in Navodaya Vidyalaya, to cop up with this social issue, the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS), has started matrimonial services these days.
NVS, introduced the 'match making' column in its official website, which provides information about its unmarried and interested teachers and employees.
34 teachers and employees have posted their bio-data for the purpose.

More employees have been requested to send their details for publishing them on the website.

There were large number of employees, who remained unmarried due to the structure of the schools.


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