Students Flee JNV, Chinese delegation visit etc.

A couple of days back, 53 students from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) in Gurdaspur did something that prompted authority and government to sit up and take notice.

The students fled the school and took shelter in a gurdwara, have now returned to the school. Though authorities feel that there was no such need of aggression, most of those who studied or seen the school will not say so.

School authorities are now claiming that the students were to blame for this dibacle, few officers at JNV's office in chandigarh says that this started as a result of a tussle between class XI and class X. A teacher intervened and said that he will call parents of the respective students, which scared the childrens, they got together and escaped.

When the local tehsildar and the DSP went to bring them back, the students first asked for an assurance that their parents will not be updated about this.

School is not working on a damage control, and recently started sending yoga and meditation experts to schools and have also tied up with an NGO named Sixth Sense.

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Now, on a better note, a Chinese delegation visited Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya at Lakkidi in Wayanad district in Karnataka.

THey got a first-hand experience of the school projects, including one to conserve rare, endemic, and threatened species of plants in the Western Ghats.

JNV Wayanad is implementing the conservation project, in association with the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, at Puthurvayal.

The delegates then interacted with the children and shared their ideas and experience on conserving the environment. The team members commended the children for their active involvement in conservation. This four-day visit was organised by OISCA International, is aimed at providing a chance to the delegates to see the activities to conserve the environment in primary schools in South India.

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