disturbed Navodaya students

Strikes, rioting , suicides and disappearing from school have badly shaken the foundation of the Navodaya Vidyalaya.

Overcrowded Hostels , inadequate number of toilets (not cleaned regularly) and what more, students speak freely of poor food and facilities.

There are 20 to 25 students squeezed in room where only 10 can live.  In food, Worms and pebbles in the rice, poor quality wheat in making chapatis and potatoes is the choosen one through the year. There are two bathrooms and four toilets for 90 students in each hostel.

One of the main objectives of the experiment was to bring in talented youngsters from different parts of the country and allow them to grow up together.

like my childhood, students from the Northeast, were put together with students from Jharkhand and Bihar, found it difficult to adjust and got into trouble more than once.

liewise , students from Jammu and Kashmir, who were put up at Mesra, found it difficult to adjust.

The nine students from J&K left for home last April for the summer vacation but never returned. Is the experiment, therefore, being buried?


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