Motivational Program by Navodaya

Imphal initiated a 9 day long "Motivational Program" for navodaites,

This program was organized by Manipur Science and Technology Council (MASTEC) and catalysed and supported by NCSTC, department of science and technology (DST), government of India, New Delhi.

Around 40 Navodaites were participating from 8 selected Navodaya.

The participants visited the seismic observatory at Canchipur and studied how an earthquake took place and how its intensity is measured at the seismological centre, they also visited laboratories of the Manipur Institute of Technology (MIT) and interacted with the engineers there.

During the course of the program, the students had visited different laboratories (such as soil, horticulture, animal sciences, tissue culture labs) of the Central Agricultural University (CAU), Imphal, students also visited prestigious "Remote Sensing and GIS of the Earth Sciences Department" of Manipur University.

They watched a A short film on tsunamis was to be aware of tsunamis in reality.

Following topics were discussed

  • Understanding the planet Earth
  • Medical sciences
  • Avian Influenza
  • Computer world
  • Loktak lake - a wetland of international importance
  • Food adulteration

A hands on project of title "Global communication through internet" was also carried out by students. The students team could launch web pages of their respective schools in such a short time of project work.

Navodaites favourite a science elocution competition on science topics was also arranged.

  1. 1st position went to Ch Chingkheinganba and K Norendro of The Antarctic English School, Yairipok. They spoke on the topic `Solar System`.
  2. 2nd position went to Puspa Chongtham and Sinorita Moirangthem of Brighter Academy, Imphal on the topic `Pollution`.
  3. 3rd position went to Longjam Tomthin and A Misban Hanif of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Yaralpat, Imphal East on the topic `Cloning`.

The best part of the programme was to gift a solar lamp and solar cooker to each student, this will bring encouragement and enthusiasm to all student participants and will also promote science and technology.

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