Urdu Learning in Navodaya - coming soon

Navodaya Vidyalaya across the country may have one more reason to smile, the sweet language of Urdu will be introduced as a part of the mainstream schools curriculum.

12th plan period, a 12th edition of 5 year plan worked out by Planning commission will introduce this exercise in pretext of "minority welfare".

This document does says that Urdu should not be limited only to Madarsas, but available in mainstream schools also, as understood this exercise will also need a drive to fill massive recruitment of Urdu teachers across the country. The document later says that importance of Urdu is appropriate as it's a medium of though and have no barriers of social or religion.

On the other hand the document also talks on expanding the school education for Muslim children beyond Madarsa, which is indeed a very natural move.

Citing the example of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, the proposal expects to build a new set of residential school in minority areas, where admission to at least 50% of kids will be reserved for minorities.

For now, it seems that Urdu will be inducted in 12th class CBSE examination.


cbentrance said...

Nice post. Parents are parents, not Gods. Of course they cannot have all the answers. The way you explain things to your kids should do all the work…it all comes under parenthood and your people skills.
Cbse Entrancei

mohammad nafish said...

its a nice step but if its implemented. I always wanted to learn urdu but cant as did schooling from kvs.

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